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Get in Touch...But Not Like That

Happy Marketing Monday everyone!

It may sound counterintuitive, but a key part of good marketing is just being polite. Counterintuitive, because when we think about marketing and advertising, one of the things that comes to mind is being bombarded with advertisments and manipulated into spending our money on Brand X rather than Brand Y. Thankfully, the era of pop-up ads and WWE announcer style commercial shout-fests is transitioning into something subtler, quieter...more polite. Marketers are able to use social media to have more direct relationships with consumers, rather than yelling at them from a bullhorn. But with this transition comes it's own set of pitfalls, which leads us to ask: when does informality border on rudeness?

Braised and Glazed Delights

This is a great time of year for sweet and juicy root vegetables - all that natural sugar has been building up under the soil for months, just waiting to turn into delicious dinners. And when I laid eyes on the gorgeous bunches of petite pink and white turnips at the Shakefork Community Farm booth at the Arcata Farmers' Market, I knew they had to come home with me!

pink and white turnips

Marketing Monday: Puppies! More Puppies!

Happy Marketing Monday! This week we reached out to a local company that rocks their Facebook page, Fire & Light Glassware. That company's social media whiz, Alyssa Alvarez, has some good advice for anyone who wants to make their Facebook feed shine. (Hint: puppies are involved.)

Every Facebook post should have a photo. Without a photo, you’re just hoping someone reads those plain, thin, black words you threw onto your status. Here at Fire & Light, we want to excite our Facebook fans with every post. We hope that with every photo of colorful glass, interesting facts or the occasional cute animal will make our posts fun, instead of a chore or an annoyance. Here are some reasons why your Facebook page should contain a photo every time.

First Year Friday: White Whiskey

Welcome to our third First Year Friday blog!

We thought we would use this week’s entry to spread some knowledge about Bourbon, since that will be our Distillery’s main focus.

Did you know all Bourbon is Whiskey but not all Whiskey is Bourbon?

It’s true!

A Memory You Can Touch


Merry Coor says that creating Ash Beads gave her beadmaking purpose. The owner of Talisman Beads in Old Town Eureka, people often came into the shop looking for a receptacle for the ashes of their departed--a wearable memory. Eventually she hit upon the idea of putting ashes in a bead. She describes the experience of creating the first Ash Bead as "amazing."

"It was very powerful for me, and powerful for them. It felt amazing that there was something I could do to help people with their grief."

Photo credit: E. Chris Wisner



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