That’s Humboldt…
Home of most of the world's old-growth redwoods

It's Humboldt County Fair Time

I'd never been to a county fair before I moved to Humboldt 10 years ago, and I still have very mixed feelings about what constitutes a real county fair. I love the idea of representing all that's best about Humboldt County in a single event, but when I see all the fried food and exotic animal booths, I have to wonder how those things in any way represent a county that's known for its iconic native wildlife and fresh produce.

Anyway, off I went to Ferndale yesterday, which had been designated Humboldt Made Day, in the hopes of making myself feel better about the whole thing. I was very happy to find that the grandstand area had been converted into a farmers' market , but less happy to see how few people were taking advantage of the Humboldt bounty on offer.

Taste of Willow Creek is August 23rd!

 Visit sunny Willow Creek for the 9th Annual Taste of Willow Creek on Saturday, August 23, 2014.

The event is from 11:00 am to 8:30 pm and takes place at one all-encompassing venue: China Creek Cottages located 1 mile east of downtown Willow Creek.

Enjoy wine tasting, artisans, craft booths, music all day and lifestyle workshops. Of special note is the “How to Eat the Willow Creek Way” workshop featuring professional chefs preparing specialty dishes.

111 Ways to Enjoy Humboldt County

We put the call out on Facebook, polled our friends and colleagues, and this is what we came up with. If you want to have an authentic Humboldt experience, these are the things you need to cross off your list!

1. Find your own secret swimming hole.

2. Have a source for farm-fresh eggs.

3. Hit the Kinetic Grand Championship.

4. Go to Arts Alive!

5. Stroll through Old Town Eureka.

It’s Twins for Red Panda Stella Luna!

What's better than one cute baby red panda? Why, two cute baby red pandas, of course!

Last summer, Stella Luna and Sumo welcomed one bundle of red panda cuteness into the world. This year, the proud parents welcomed two adorable cubs, born July 9 at Sequoia Park Zoo. The photo above was taken through the remote den cam that allows zoo staff to monitor the babies’ health without disturbing the family. In fact, the parents are so relaxed and at ease with their family life that both Stella Luna and Sumo were hanging out away from the babies this evening – that’s Stella Luna below, catching up some probably much-needed eating.

Viva Humboldt! Bien Padre Rocks Its Hometown Pride!

Bien Padre will celebrate its 40th anniversary this December! The Eureka-based maker of tortillas, chips and other fine organic products is a household staple for many local families, some of whom may not know that their favorite crunchy treats are produced right down the street on Railroad Avenue in Eureka.

Bien Padre began as a dream by two entrepreneurs in the 1970s, long before Mexican food was ubiquitous in American pantries. Their enthusiasm for handmade tortillas led them to invest in a small oven, and they eventually expanded into an old bread factory in Eureka's downtown. Despite setbacks—including a major fire in 1984—Bien Padre has grown in size, scope and brand reach ever since. Today Bien Padre products can be found throughout the United States, and their product line continues to grow.


That's Humboldt...

Home of the original kinetic sculpture race that inspired imitators worldwide