That’s Humboldt…
America's most scenic rural county (says the USDA)

It’s all happening at the Zoo!

The season is getting going in fine style at Sequoia Park Zoo in Eureka with a pair of annual events that are now well-embedded into the Humboldt County calendar of fun, feel-good things to do in Spring.

First up: Party for the Planet!

party for the planet

On Sunday April 26th, the zoo will be celebrating this national event as part of a free day at the zoo sponsored by Pacific Gas & Electric. But before the party gets started, an even more important event will take place – the last piece of the Watershed Heroes puzzle falls into place when Cheyenne, the bald eagle who’s been patiently awaiting her new home, finally gets to move in.

First Year Friday: Whiskey Drinkin' Women


Happy First Year Friday! This week we're checking in with Amy Bohner of Alchemy Distillery, who has been doing some of the challenging research necessary to create a great product. Okay, she's been traveling and drinking liquor... Read on!

Celebrating National Food Month

April is National Food Month, so it’s appropriate that April in Humboldt kicked off last Saturday with the first full Farmers’ Market of the season on the Arcata Plaza.

Little River Farms

We’ve had such a mild winter that there was way more produce on display that we usually see at the beginning of the season. Which was very tempting, but since I am still eating my way through the wonderful food that graced my dining table the previous weekend, thanks to my lovely friends who came to help celebrate my “Will You Still Need Me, Will You Still Feed Me” birthday, I resisted. I managed to escape from the market with only a brand new blueberry bush from the resourceful La Kash at Luscious Gardens – this one’s a creeping variety, and I am assured it will live in harmony with the enthusiastic mint covering most of the ground in the blueberry patch.

Marimba One Announces New 5 Octave Concert Instrument

Arcata, CA  April, 2015

Arcata-based Marimba One releases its newest instrument, the 5-octave concert grade Marimba One 3100

California-based Marimba One is pleased to announce the release of its newest product, the Marimba One 3100™.

The marimba is a percussion instrument similar to a large xylophone, but with bars crafted out of Honduras Rosewood and resonators that amplify the sound.

For owner and founder Ron Samuels, the Marimba One 3100™is the fruition of three decades of acoustic refinement. “It’s all about the sound,” explains Samuels in his shop in the small college town of Arcata. "The bars on the 3100™ are selected from an inventory of over 100 tuned sets of bars to achieve a keyboard that is resonant, darker or brighter sounding, and bars that produce an amazing amount of sound."

A main part of the marimba's rich, dark sound is the resonator, and resonator voicing is complex. “We want to remove anything that detracts from the warmth and innate character of the marimba,” explains Samuels. The new product features harmonic filters. "It’s not unlike noise-cancelling headphones: our acoustic engineer pinpointed upper harmonics that were too bright. He then precision-built a filter inserted inside the resonators to cancel out the offending harmonics and therefore reinforce the sound we are looking to create."

While acoustics are always the primary focus for Samuels and his team, the new Marimba One 3100™ also represents three decades of frame technology that were not without challenges. During R&D, the company's chief engineer and Samuels tested for durability by pushing the instrument against a solid wall to see if the frame would survive that kind of abuse. When the joint at the junction of the center support and frame proved indestructible, they knew they had succeeded The new marimba represents a breakthrough in the industry with the engineering of a lightweight aluminum rail to support the keyboard.

Samuels has barely paused to enjoy the success of his products which are endorsed by musicians Colin Currie, Katarzyna Mycka and others and played from Carnegie Hall to the Conservatory of Amsterdam. Already he is speaking with his resonator tuning master about the next product, about which he will not say anything, other than that it will be a game changer.

First Year Friday: Networking


Happy First Year Friday! This week Jodie Marynowski, the brains behind JB Maryn, is weighing in on the value of networking.

During your first year of business you should be spending most of your time networking. Put a lot of time and energy into this. More energy than your business plan. Starting a business takes time. There are a million steps that need to be executed. This is why a business doesn’t start making money till it’s been around 3 to 5 years or longer, it takes a lot of time to complete everything needed to get off the ground. Multitask during this stage of your business and get your face out there.




That's Humboldt...

A top sustainable tourism destination (says National Geographic Traveler)