Weaverville Hammer-In

Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble”



Shakespeare set this scene with three witches at the cauldron, not just one. He knew that a number of people working in a group with all of their energy directed towards the same goal increase their potential.  



March is shaping up to be a theatrical kind of a month

Some months just seem to be that way. Or maybe I’m just feeling a touch theatrical - melodramatic, even -what with my 64th birthday looming over the horizon (and no, I’m not taking up Beatles impressions – cue sighs of relief!).

Redwood Curtain

velocity of autumn

Anyway, back to matters theatrical. The 2015 season just kicked off at Redwood Curtain with “The Velocity of Autumn”, which sounds like it’s going to appeal to the crazy old lady I’m pretty sure is buried inside me. Alexandra, an 80-year-old artist, is in a showdown with her family over where she’ll spend her remaining years. She’s barricaded herself in her Brooklyn brownstone with enough Molotov cocktails to take out the block. Her estranged son Chris returns after 20 years, crawls through Alexandra’s second-floor window and becomes the family’s unlikely mediator. It’s billed as “a wickedly funny and wonderfully touching discovery of the fragility and ferocity of life”, and I have to say that Alexandra sounds like my kind of crazy. I wonder if she has cats as well as Molotov (and regular) cocktails?

Back in the Humboldt Swing of Things

Well, it sure didn't take long to get back into the swing of all things Humboldt after the natural wonders of Ecuador! It's actually been a pretty good week of things to do, and one that's made it really easy to feel right at home again.

First up was the February Conservation Lecture at Sequoia Park Zoo. Sean Matthews presented an engaging talk about one of the North Coast's most charismatic and elusive mammals - the Pacific Fisher. Fishers are threatened by habitat loss and, particularly around here, by secondary rodenticide poisoning from illegal grow sites. A few years back, the Zoo, along with Dr Matthews, was an active participant in the rescue and rehabilitation of Whidehch (Little Sister in the Hupa language), an orphan fisher kit, back in 2007. You can read more of her story in the Zoo's Spring 2008 newsletter.

Pacific Fisher kit

Gone Fishin' - in Blue Lake

This weekend marks the start of Humboldt Steelhead Days 2015 – a two-week extravaganza of fishing and fun put on by the Mad River Alliance and CalTrout, with the inimitable support of Dell’Arte International and a raft (hah!) of local sponsors. The goal is to get you out of your armchair and out into the big outdoors to – yes – catch fish! So, of course, there is bribery (aka prizes) in the form of contest categories like First Fish of the Day (one of these every day!), Best Fish Photo, Last Fish In, and many more.

Prizes on offer include a guided drift boat trip with Kenny Priest of Fishing the North Coast, a Steelhead rod and reel, a Kokatat personal flotation device (that’s a life jacket to you landlubbers), fishing gear, rods, reels, and a whole lot more. Prizes will be presented at the Awards Dinner on February 7 at the Wharfinger, where there will be lots of delicious fishy nosh and (of course) Mad River brews.

Family Fun Day

Radio Theatre Without the Rules

One of the (very few) things I miss about England is BBC Radio 4 and its regular program of live drama. My thirst for same is somewhat quenched by the imminent arrival of the annual ZOUNDS! radio drama presented by Redwood Curtain Theatre. This year’s show, Leaps and Zounds! (there always has to be a Zounds in the title), will take place on Saturday, January 24 at the Sapphire Palace at the Blue Lake Casino. This, the eighth ZOUNDS! show, has been under development since early December; here’s what I’m told a typical rehearsal looks like (note the liberal provision of inspirational wine):

Zounds 1