Humboldt Made Event Guide: Oyster Festival

Maybe you're wondering why your beloved Humboldt Made team has chosen the week AFTER the infamous Arcata Main Street Oyster Festival to write about it. Well, there are a few reasons, not least of which wanting to brag about having sold out at the Humboldt Made booth with a fantastic concoction created by our chef of the day, Roxanne Banducci, and featuring Boujie Baking Caramel Sauce. Didn't think "dessert oysters" were ever going to be a thing? Well, Humboldt Made pulled it off. Sweet and Salty! Oh yeah! So thank you to everyone who stopped by to sample our bivalves, to all of the Humboldt Made vendors who rocked it on H Street, and to Greenway Partners for throwing such a successful event.

Which brings us to Debi Farber-Bush, project manager at Greenway Partners. Farber-Bush inherited oversight of the Oyster Festival along with a burning question: to fence or not to fence? What was once a sleepy little hometown celebration of aquaculture had grown to a formidable size over the last twenty years, with thousands of people attending from out of town to slurp down the oysters, drink local beers and yodel their approximation of an "oyster call". In an effort to contain rowdiness to the Plaza, last year's organizers decided to erect a fence and charge admission, a decision which stirred some controversy.

We're Having a Party!

Above: Angeline Schwab at this year's Oyster Festival flanked by Rosa Dixon (Natural Decadence) and Victoria England (Tulip Perfume).

Many of you have already heard that our fearless and formidable Executive Director Angeline Schwab is moving to North Carolina. While we will miss Ms. Schwab to distraction, she's been careful to emphasize that this is not an end to the organization she's been instrumental in building, but a transition. For more information about what's next, check out the press release we've included below. In the meantime--let's have some fun!

Join us at The Link in Arcata on Monday, June 30 for a potluck from 4:30-7PM.  All Humboldt Made businesses, supporters, advisers, community boosters, media partners and well-wishers are encouraged to attend. Many of you know that Angie is a "heart-oriented" person. She speaks, acts and listens from the heart. Her office is decorated with hearts both anatomical and Valentine-shaped. In that spirit, heart-shaped food and decorations are encouraged.

The Watershed Heroes are almost here!

On Saturday July 26th, 2014, the new Watershed Heroes exhibit at Sequoia Park Zoo will open to the public for the first time. Zoo members get a sneak preview at 9am, and the Zoo will open as usual to general admission at 10am, with a ribbon cutting at 10:30. We at the Zoo Foundation are so excited that this, our biggest animal project ever, is finally almost ready!

The Watershed Heroes story started back in 2010, when we submitted a grant proposal to the California Department of Parks & Recreation, right after our last Association of Zoos and Aquariums accreditation. It seems fitting that we should be opening the exhibit as we approach our next accreditation cycle next year.

Sauvignon Blanc? Mais Oui!


From our friends at Sun Valley Floral Farms:

First Annual Humboldt Sauvignon Release Party


June 20, 4-7pm  •  Humboldt Bay Tourism Center, Eureka CA




Humboldt Famous for Sauvignon Blanc?



Taste for yourself at the First Annual Humboldt Sauvignon Blanc Release Party  on Friday, June 20th 4-7pm! The event is being held at Taste inside the Humboldt Bay Tourism Center at 205 G Street in Old Town Eureka. Two of the county’s most recognized producers of wine from Humboldt grapes, Briceland Vineyards and Winnett Vineyards are joined by the newest Humboldt winery, Sun Valley Vineyards in hosting the event.  The three wineries are partnering with Aqua-Rodeo Farms to pair fresh Humboldt Bay oysters with 100% Humboldt Grown Sauvignon Blanc to celebrate the 2013 release.

Humboldt Made Event Guide: Gift Giving

Wow, do we have it good here! No self-respecting Humboldt locavore should have to step foot in a big box store to get what they need for their next big event! We have an abundance of artisan quality, locally made products perfect for giving to the bride, groom, graduate, mom, dad, hubby or other special someone who's on your gift-giving radar. Here to walk us through the finer points of giving a Humboldt Made gift is local event planner and gift concierge Jodie Marynowski who (among other things) is known for arranging beautiful redwood crates full of locally made products. Jodie's company, JB Maryn, is a blessing to all of us who are out of time or inspiration. As the JB Maryn motto goes, "If you're out of time, use mine!"