Exciting things happening at Redwood Acres

Rewood Acres has become quite the hub for local businesses looking for a place to call home.  On November 2, 2014, many of these businesses opened their doors to the public and gave a taste of what they had to offer.  

What do desert cities have to do with Humboldt?

It was a question that set me thinking when I learned the title of Redwood Curtain Theatre’s latest production, a multiple-award-winning play by John Robin Baitz that goes by the name of Other Desert Cities.  A brief scratching of the surface told me that the play’s title comes from a roadsign on InterState 10 in Southern California pointing visitors towards the Coachella Valley.

Other Desert Cities roadsign

A Very Humboldt Harvest Festival


Due to the overwhelming chance of rain, Dell'Arte's Big Top circus tent will not be going up this year for Blue Lake Harvest Days.

Events scheduled to take place in the tent will now take place in Dell'Arte's Carlo Theatre at 131 H Street in Blue Lake. These include Chaplin in the Big Top, which will be at the same scheduled time of 8:30 p.m. on Friday, October 24, 2014, as well as the Barn Dance, which will be at the same scheduled time of 7:00 p.m. on Saturday, October 25, 2014.

All tours/artist booths at the Business Park on Saturday have been cancelled.

All other events, including ELEMENTAL and the Mad River Grange Harvest Celebration, will take place as scheduled in the designated locations.

Please click here for the updated Harvest Days Schedule


As a writer and editor-for-hire, I can work pretty much anywhere as long as I have an Internet connection. That means I'm lucky enough to choose where to live based on purely personal criteria – which enabled one of the best decisions I’ve ever made: to live in Humboldt County.

And as anyone who knows me, or has been following my musings here, is well aware, two of the things I have come to love most here are the arts (especially theatre arts) and the food. So it’s no big surprise that I’m excited about this weekend’s Blue Lake Harvest Days celebrations.

Blue Lake kids

A Documentary of Place for Humboldt County?

I love the whole concept of theatre of place and its Humboldtian incarnation at Dell’Arte International. Mary Jane the Musical (hereinafter referred to as MJM for the sake of my fingers) is perhaps the finest embodiment of that concept, which appeared in its first iteration at the 2011 Mad River Festival.


Joan Schirle as ‘Mary Jane’. Dell’Arte International, 2012. Photo by Sargon Bacchus

England? Scotland? Humboldt? Who Goes Where?

It’s an interesting time to be English. On Thursday of this week, the 300+ year-old partnership generally known as the UK, but more formally known as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, may begin to break apart. Every resident of Scotland over the age of 16 has the opportunity to go to the polls and cast their vote for or against independence from the UK. Currently the pundits put the Nays ahead by a thread; my gut tells me that’s probably where it will end up, but this is not going to go away. You can be sure that, if the Nays do prevail this time, there’ll be another referendum in the not-too-distant future. Meanwhile, we'd all just better have a cup of tea ... (this is how the English do anarchy)