Fun times are a-coming at Sequoia Park Zoo!

The weekend of August 16th and 17th marks a major milestone for the Sequoia Park Zoo - the oldest zoo in California, and the smallest AZA-accredited zoo in the United States. On Saturday 16th, the zoo hosts its major annual fundraiser, the Zootini Gala, and on Sunday 17th, the fabulous new Watershed Heroes exhibit opens to the public for the first time!

Free wine & cheese tasting to benefit Miranda's Rescue

Wow, what's not to love about this event out at Miranda's Rescue in Fortuna?  There will be free cheese tasting (Loleta Cheese Factory, Rumiano and Cypress Grove Chevre), free chcolate tasting (Venlo, Drake's Glen Creations and Old Town Coffee and Chocolates), free music, pastries, beverages, pony rides and did I mention it's free?  The raffle and auctions will benefit the beloved 30 acre Miranda's Rescue sanctuary which currently is caring for about 600 creatuers from koi fish to horses.  This sounds like a great family friendly event to showcase a worthwhile local organization.

Follow the furry footprints ... to HumCats!

If you're out and about in Eureka this weekend or next, you're likely to see a lot of these pawprints - and all of them lead to 77 West Second Street, a largely unoccupied storage building that current owners Mercer-Fraser have made available to local artists Rachel Schlueter and Laura Granados to stage the unique HumCats art show.

Rachel and Laura had the idea for HumCats, which opens at Arts Alive, 6pm on Saturday August 2nd, when they attended Cat Art Show Los Angeles (CASLA) earlier this year, in which Rachel showed three pieces. Creative sparks began to fly, and with the active support of other local artists, as well as  Humboldt Spay/Neuter Network, whose new feral cat clinic will receive 20% of all art sales revenues from the show (as well as 100% of the proceeds from the feline-themed bar - with added cat candies - Executive Director Jennifer Raymond and her cohorts will be running at the opening). There may even be some adoptable felines in attendance!

Ray's is Turning 20 and Humboldt Made Will Be There!


Humboldt Made is helping Ray's Food Place in McKinleyville celebrate its 20th anniversary this Friday, July 18th, from noon to 6:00 pm.

“In honor of Ray’s continued commitment to the community we’ll be teaming up with Humboldt Made, offering vendor samples from local producers,” said store manager Richard Stancliff.

“Ray’s is taking this opportunity to once again provide customers with the very best in local products,” Stancliff stated. “This event is all about local shoppers getting local products,” he explained. Vendors will include Blackberry Bramble, Bien Padre, Boujie Baking, Diane’s Sweet Heat, Humboldt Hot Sauce, Ino Sauce, Muddy Waters, Natural Decadence, Ohana Organics, Humboldt Bay Coffee, Head over Heels Mixers, Humboldt Grassfed Beef, Humboldt Distillery, and many more!

Don’t miss the Annual Tent Sale that’ll be going on in the parking lot, and be sure to check out the Meat Shop’s Rib Fest, offering the finest cuts available.

There will be a live broadcast from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., presented by KHUM radio. Stop by and say hi to Larry Trask!

Books: The Creative Thread of the Soul?

I wrote most of this blog in my head when I was working in the garden this afternoon. I was weeding between paving bricks – an experience I generally find very serene. It gives me a connection between what I’m doing today and the exact same task someone did over a hundred years ago, when the brick patio outside my Victorian house was created. I come from an old country (Britain), and I feel at home, at peace, with old things.

It’s the same inside my house. Old things. Especially art. And books. Books are really important to me. My grandfather was a book publisher. I worked in book publishing for many years before I came to the US. I really believe that books are embedded in my DNA.

So I’m feeling very drawn towards the upcoming Dell’Arte original work that opens next week - Elisabeth’s Book. The central element in the play is a book. A book that’s passed between generations. Between friends. That comes to represent continuity and connection in these women’s lives. The story begins in the years leading up to the Second World War, continues through the concentration camps, and emerges on the other side into a world rife with displaced persons. That world continues today in the disconnected lives inhabited by refugees from internecine, tribal, religious, resource-driven, territorial, political, geopolitical, and just plain egocentrical wars that they never asked to be a part of, and yet must live with their consequences.