Meet the Newest Dell’Arte Characters

Yes, I know, another theatre post. But I did warn you last week how much I love theatre season. And this production is pretty special – and a refreshing interlude between holiday jollities. Not that I don’t enjoy theatrical holiday fun as much as the next person, but the annual Character Projects are a really important part of the students’ professional development at Dell’Arte and deserve a place of their own on the calendar.

Character projects 1

It's beginning to look a lot like ... theatre season!

Being British, Thanksgiving isn’t baked into my DNA as a holiday – after all, Americans are celebrating their escape from us! But what it does signal for me is that a busy theatre season is about to begin – for which I am exceptionally thankful. With a nod to the season, here’s what I’m looking forward to over the next few weeks.

Opening tomorrow (1)

A Christmas Carol at Ferndale Rep

ferndale rep scrooge banner

Exciting things happening at Redwood Acres

Rewood Acres has become quite the hub for local businesses looking for a place to call home.  On November 2, 2014, many of these businesses opened their doors to the public and gave a taste of what they had to offer.  

What do desert cities have to do with Humboldt?

It was a question that set me thinking when I learned the title of Redwood Curtain Theatre’s latest production, a multiple-award-winning play by John Robin Baitz that goes by the name of Other Desert Cities.  A brief scratching of the surface told me that the play’s title comes from a roadsign on InterState 10 in Southern California pointing visitors towards the Coachella Valley.

Other Desert Cities roadsign