Ray's is Turning 20 and Humboldt Made Will Be There!


Humboldt Made is helping Ray's Food Place in McKinleyville celebrate its 20th anniversary this Friday, July 18th, from noon to 6:00 pm.

“In honor of Ray’s continued commitment to the community we’ll be teaming up with Humboldt Made, offering vendor samples from local producers,” said store manager Richard Stancliff.

“Ray’s is taking this opportunity to once again provide customers with the very best in local products,” Stancliff stated. “This event is all about local shoppers getting local products,” he explained. Vendors will include Blackberry Bramble, Bien Padre, Boujie Baking, Diane’s Sweet Heat, Humboldt Hot Sauce, Ino Sauce, Muddy Waters, Natural Decadence, Ohana Organics, Humboldt Bay Coffee, Head over Heels Mixers, Humboldt Grassfed Beef, Humboldt Distillery, and many more!

Don’t miss the Annual Tent Sale that’ll be going on in the parking lot, and be sure to check out the Meat Shop’s Rib Fest, offering the finest cuts available.

There will be a live broadcast from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., presented by KHUM radio. Stop by and say hi to Larry Trask!

Books: The Creative Thread of the Soul?

I wrote most of this blog in my head when I was working in the garden this afternoon. I was weeding between paving bricks – an experience I generally find very serene. It gives me a connection between what I’m doing today and the exact same task someone did over a hundred years ago, when the brick patio outside my Victorian house was created. I come from an old country (Britain), and I feel at home, at peace, with old things.

It’s the same inside my house. Old things. Especially art. And books. Books are really important to me. My grandfather was a book publisher. I worked in book publishing for many years before I came to the US. I really believe that books are embedded in my DNA.

So I’m feeling very drawn towards the upcoming Dell’Arte original work that opens next week - Elisabeth’s Book. The central element in the play is a book. A book that’s passed between generations. Between friends. That comes to represent continuity and connection in these women’s lives. The story begins in the years leading up to the Second World War, continues through the concentration camps, and emerges on the other side into a world rife with displaced persons. That world continues today in the disconnected lives inhabited by refugees from internecine, tribal, religious, resource-driven, territorial, political, geopolitical, and just plain egocentrical wars that they never asked to be a part of, and yet must live with their consequences.

The Mad River Festival - Theatre of (Humboldt County) Place

The Mad River Festival is our annual celebration of theatre of place here in Humboldt County, and it's one of the most exciting events on the annual performance arts calendar. Much of what takes place at the festival I can't even imagine happening anywhere else but Humboldt County, and that's certainly true of this year's signature piece, Korbel V: The Secret. (And yes, there were four preceding episodes - kinda like Star Wars, Humboldt County style - but with fewer special effects and better acting). Founding Artistic Director at Dell'Arte calls Korbel "a Humboldt Soap Opera", and this one's been running, off and on, for 22 years. You'll have to pick up a festival program to get the complete backstory - and a fascinating tale of weddings and funerals, births and deaths, accidents and conspiracies, humans and ghosts it is.

Here's the cast taking a bow at the end of the opening night on June 19th (photo courtesy of Bob Doran) - can you figure out the holder of The Secret?

Humboldt Made Event Guide: Oyster Festival

Maybe you're wondering why your beloved Humboldt Made team has chosen the week AFTER the infamous Arcata Main Street Oyster Festival to write about it. Well, there are a few reasons, not least of which wanting to brag about having sold out at the Humboldt Made booth with a fantastic concoction created by our chef of the day, Roxanne Banducci, and featuring Boujie Baking Caramel Sauce. Didn't think "dessert oysters" were ever going to be a thing? Well, Humboldt Made pulled it off. Sweet and Salty! Oh yeah! So thank you to everyone who stopped by to sample our bivalves, to all of the Humboldt Made vendors who rocked it on H Street, and to Greenway Partners for throwing such a successful event.

Which brings us to Debi Farber-Bush, project manager at Greenway Partners. Farber-Bush inherited oversight of the Oyster Festival along with a burning question: to fence or not to fence? What was once a sleepy little hometown celebration of aquaculture had grown to a formidable size over the last twenty years, with thousands of people attending from out of town to slurp down the oysters, drink local beers and yodel their approximation of an "oyster call". In an effort to contain rowdiness to the Plaza, last year's organizers decided to erect a fence and charge admission, a decision which stirred some controversy.

We're Having a Party!

Above: Angeline Schwab at this year's Oyster Festival flanked by Rosa Dixon (Natural Decadence) and Victoria England (Tulip Perfume).

Many of you have already heard that our fearless and formidable Executive Director Angeline Schwab is moving to North Carolina. While we will miss Ms. Schwab to distraction, she's been careful to emphasize that this is not an end to the organization she's been instrumental in building, but a transition. For more information about what's next, check out the press release we've included below. In the meantime--let's have some fun!

Join us at The Link in Arcata on Monday, June 30 for a potluck from 4:30-7PM.  All Humboldt Made businesses, supporters, advisers, community boosters, media partners and well-wishers are encouraged to attend. Many of you know that Angie is a "heart-oriented" person. She speaks, acts and listens from the heart. Her office is decorated with hearts both anatomical and Valentine-shaped. In that spirit, heart-shaped food and decorations are encouraged.