Heroes ... and Eggs - It's All Happening at the Zoo!

The new Watershed Heroes exhibit is finally emerging from the construction zone that's been at the center of the Sequoia Park Zoo for much of the past year. With all eyes on a planned early summer opening, the focus now is getting the otter and salmon habitats ready for their new residents. The salmon pool walls are in place, and the plumbing is going in now. Boulders for the otter waterfalls are in place and the otter pools are being formed. Interpretive signs are nearing completion, and other interpretive elements, including stream invertebrates, spawning salmon, and redd (salmon nest) models, are in production. The brand new learning lab will begin construction in a week or two, and native plant landscaping starts later this month.

It’s been a long and exciting journey for everyone associated with the Zoo, and indeed everyone who’s visited since construction started last summer – the change is huge, and it’s going to be so much fun to have otters back at the zoo. And I just learned that the viewing tunnel is going to be big enough for adults to crawl through as well as the kids – I can’t wait!

Humboldt Theatre Companies - Even Better Together!

I have to admit I'm a total theatre geek. I just love live theatre - it speaks to me in a way that movies and television never have. So when I hear that two local theatre companies are joining forces to co-produce and stage the fabulous musical "I Love You Because" - well, you'll find me in a front row seat!

Redwood Curtain Theatre and Humboldt Light Opera Company are working together for the first time to bring this modern-day twist on Jane Austen’s Price and Prejudice, set in New York City, to Humboldt County audiences. A young, uptight, greeting card writer’s life is changed for ever when he meets a flighty photographer. Helped along by their eccentric friends and siblings, the duo learn to love each other - not in spite of their faults, but because of them.

The Weaverville Hammer-In, This Weekend.

dusek tongs Monica coyne

I often get asked how I learned to blacksmith or where a person could go to learn blacksmithing. Humans have been blacksmithing for thousands of years , all over the world, but it is still amazingly difficult to find instruction in blacksmithing. There are a few blacksmithing classes offered in a handful of Metal Arts programs across the country. As far as I know there is only one school in this country that offers blacksmithing as a major, The Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Most contemporary blacksmiths have learned their skill by working with or apprenticing under a master blacksmith.

 If you live in Humboldt or any of the northern counties and you are interested in blacksmithing there is a perfect opportunity coming up this weekend to learn from one of the best blacksmiths and teachers of blacksmithing in the world at the Weaverville Hammer-In.

Prize-Winning Marimbist Performs At Arcata Playhouse

World-class marimbist Eriko Daimo will display her dazzling virtuosity at both Eastern and Western music during a rare concert in Arcata at 8 p.m. on Tuesday, March 4, at the Arcata Playhouse.

Marimba virtuoso Eriko Daimo

The Japanese musician with captivating charisma and numerous prizes has given solo concert performances around the world. She is a force among today's generation of players of marimbas--large percussion instruments similar to xylophones but with keyboards crafted out of Honduras rosewood.

She is playing an instrument crafted by Marimba One, based in Arcata and considered the maker of the world's finest marimbas. It has been the choice for years of Daimo, who says: "I feel that the marimbas of Marimba One are alive...the instrument itself seems to create a variety of gorgeous, deep, warm, glittering and profound sounds.

"I can feel my emotion flowing through the instrument," she adds.

Come hear her play both Bach and Debussy, as well as compatriot Ryuichi Sakamoto. Tickets are $12/$10, and are available at Wildberries Market, Wildwood Music, or by calling 822-1575.